We are happy to announce our early stage investment in Opoyi

Opoyi a platform that gives consumers access to unlimited trusted content, personalised and in their language of choice. It does so in interfaces that are intuitive and simple to use. For creators, Opoyi offers the opportunity to supercharge conversation and build unlimited audiences by removing the constraints of language or literacy. Opoyi works with its communities and creators to create high quality content at a magnitude that has not been seen before. …

We are happy to announce our early stage investment in Sunfuel Electric

Sunfuel Electric is an early stage startup building a unique EV charging network for India. Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of Electric Cars by providing seamless charging experiences across the country. They want to enable EV owners to charge everywhere, and give them freedom to drive anywhere.

Sunfuel Electric was founded in 2020 by: Sudhir Nayak, Mathew Koshy and Gul Panag and supported by a great list of Advisors.

We are happy to announce our early stage investment into Hype Technologies.

Hype provides rental services for luxury mobility in the form of luxury cars, yachts and private jets. They are currently serving Indian customers and will be launching in Dubai in March 2021.

With the launch of our new website, we decided to have a quick Q&A session with our Founder, Nav Chatterji. Enjoy.

What is Khoob?

We are a company that builds and invests in interesting Indian companies. Although we’ve been working on the concept for a while now, we were officially founded in 2019 and are based out of New Delhi.

Why Khoob?

“Khoob bhaalo” is Bengali term for “very good”. A term that I often heard my parents use, growing up. In Hindi, Urdu, Bengali it’s broadly used as an adverb
meaning: In a high degree, “a very large amount”.

Who is Khoob?

Currently I’m the sole GP…


We build and invest in interesting Indian companies.

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