With the launch of our new website, we decided to have a quick Q&A session with our Founder, Nav Chatterji. Enjoy.

What is Khoob?

We are a company that builds and invests in interesting Indian companies. Although we’ve been working on the concept for a while now, we were officially founded in 2019 and are based out of New Delhi.

Why Khoob?

“Khoob bhaalo” is Bengali term for “very good”. A term that I often heard my parents use, growing up. In Hindi, Urdu, Bengali it’s broadly used as an adverb
meaning: In a high degree, “a very large amount”.

Who is Khoob?

Currently I’m the sole GP. I also work with an awesome group of hands-on advisors who we will be announcing soon.

Let’s chat about Nav Chatterji?

Well, in short: I’m a bit of what you would call an ABCD-FOB. I grew up in Texas, spent middle and high school in New Delhi, went to college in Philadelphia(UPENN), worked on Wall St. (New York City) and as of 2015 I moved back to India (New Delhi) to be a part of this new India story.

A longer read of Nav’s bio can be found here.

What inspired Khoob?

I’ve been following startup studios like Betaworks, Expa for a while now. I think the concept of a startup studio is interesting. It’s more hands-on than just writing checks, since you are also building companies at the same time. I think this is key, as it keeps the team with the “times” and serves as a great whetstone to make better investment decisions.

What is Khoob’s thesis?

Definitely the long game. Probably not as long as Biden’s long game — ha! But we spend a ton of time building companies and testing the thesis prior to pushing them out publicly and announcing them. For example, we have been working on a concept on the future of work for India for the past 5 years and will be finally announcing it early 2021.

What are the current Khoob companies?

Currently we just have two. Sanscubicle and Litenote. We will be announcing both early 2021.

What are current Khoob investments?

We will be officially announcing them soon. But as of now we have invested in: Hype, Sunfuel, Opoyi, Jaadoo Technologies and The Better Office.

Is there an investment thesis Khoob follows?

We are very early investors, often at times when the concept is still on the whiteboard. This allows us to help founders mould their idea and get our hands dirty from day 1.

Is Khoob working on any companies right now?

Yes. Other than putting final touches on Sanscubicle and Litenote we are working on two new concepts in the space of blockchain technology and another in the space of news media.

If anyone wants to join Khoob or any of the companies you guys are working on,where do they go?

We will be posting requirement specific opportunities on our Angel List profile as they pop up. But if anyone is interested in general, the best way would be to reach out to me directly at nav.chatterji[at]khoob.group


We build and invest in interesting Indian companies.

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